Artisan cheese CSA welcomes Spring  with hops.

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Hop Flavored Beer Lollipops recipe aka LolliHOPS!

A recipe with resources in the Cook’s Cook Magazine.

How to grow your own hops and where to find them in Lancaster County

Most hops growing in the U.S. are found in the Pacific Northwest. But did you know you can grow your own hops in Pennsylvania?

Mar 16, 2017– Some local gardeners — even those who don’t drink beer — like hops as fast-growing, vining plants that can screen an area, create a fragrant arbor and provide shade.

Hops a Weird, Finicky Adventure for A to Z Couple

Philip Gruber
Philip Gruber September 9, 2016 – Lancaster Farming
RAWLINSVILLE, Pa. — For Theo. A. “Ted” Artz and his wife, Diane Zatz, growing hops is a way to serve small-scale brewers and produce a crop on the family farm.

Truly local beer at last: A century after Prohibition,
hops make a comeback

“In the 1800s, that area was known for hops,” he [ARTZ] said. “I wanted to see if hops could still survive …

Check out the December-January 2015 Issue of The Cooks Cook Magazine for a personal story of our journey.


Or download the article here: Issue6

Our story starts on page 15.
Our story starts on page 15.


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